Elfin Norwich Terriers

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Norwich Terrier Puppies

Available Puppies: we strive to breed dogs that are the best in show, and they make wonderful companions as well. From time to time we have puppies available to select for show or companion homes.

About Norwich Terrier Puppies

Of British origin, the Norwich Terrier dog breed is similar to Norfolk Terrier dogs. Both were part of the same lineage and were separated in the 1960s. One of the differences observed between the races is in the presentation of the ears.

The Norwich Terrier dog – in fact – is a very docile, loving, kind, intelligent animal, but also fearless and very active. In general, the Norwich Terrier has a great temperament and is a good companion for adults, children and the elderly. As mentioned before, this animal has a good aptitude for hunting, in addition to being a good dog for training. Another characteristic is that they are dogs that are good observers and curious of the surrounding space. Another pertinent detail to consider is the fact that this dog greatly appreciates the company of the tuto. And more good news: is that they are quite adaptable and can live in the city or the countryside.

The Norwich Terrier is a small dog, reaching up to 25 centimeters only. He has a rough coat, especially on his neck. On the head and also near the ears, the hair appears, in a way, quite smooth. The colors found are the following: reddish, brown, black and gray tones as well. The animal is strong and muscular. As for weight, the pet can reach a maximum of 11 lbs.

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